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Terms of the transaction
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Commodity Inspection and receipt
(1) Make sure before you sign merchandise inspection. If your inspection found damaged packaging, shortages or wrong goods, there is a surface quality commodities, you reject the entire package. For plastic packaging or box stickers loss of goods, such as you have opened or torn plastic packaging box is not to be refused stickers loss, but the shortage of goods or wrong, except for the presence of surface quality merchandise.

(2) As acceptance of goods after your confirmation information commodity name, quantity, price, etc. is correct, goods packaging intact, commodity no scratches, surface damage and other quality problems, please sign at the signature on the confirmation invoice. Whether your signature or your entrusted person, shop the right not to accept the return on that ground.

(3) The mall sold goods all taken in kind, due to different display pixels and contrast of each camera arising in pictures online commodity color visual difference is slightly below normal color, not the product quality.

(4) If you need an invoice not attached shopping parcels, please contact Mall Customer Service.

Return Process
1, if you need to apply for an order to return, please return your application made in the store order management and explain the reasons for Returns, you can also get in touch with the customer service business, reported the order number and the reason returned by the customer to help deal with;

2, for the return of order, you will be returned by ordinary parcel return form and must indicate the return order number. If you do not specify the return order number in the return package, your parcel processing time may be extended. Returns will deposit funds to your virtual account concurrently mailed to you;

3, due to business reasons to return merchandise, merchants will give you the full subsidy surface mail transfer costs to retreat to your pre-deposit account; because users mistakenly buy, buy more, or other reasons returned goods are not satisfied conducted goods, good performance in the product itself, with a new product, related accessories complete, does not affect the secondary sales of the premise, the user can apply to return, postage paid by the buyer.

4, to be disposed of after the return (two working days after receipt of the goods), returns shall be able to be done on your bill, or provide banking information, on the way to transfer your account to repatriate . Note: In order to ensure the safety of the goods, you will return the goods and all accessories wrapped, to ensure the normal process of logistics, goods not accidental damage.

Considerations Before You Buy
1. Please contact us before photographed, in order to determine whether the spot.
2. If the case needs to shop and pay the freight, please make sure shipping and customer service, good freight payment to be modified; or as freight, because wholesale puerile, please forgive me!
3. OUR Each baby are taken in kind. Due to the different display pixels and contrast of each camera arising in pictures online commodity color visual difference is slightly below normal color, not the product quality.


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